Paddle Time Kayaks is proud to offer American Canoe Association (ACA) Skills courses. The class ratio is 5 students to 1 instructor. We require a minimum of four students in each class. Our courses are appropriate for all kayak craft, including decked kayaks, inflatables and sit on tops. Its assumed all boats will be paddled solo.

Course cost assumes you will provide your own equipment. Our kayaks are available to rent for $25.

Please call if you are interested in taking an ACA workshop/course.

Quick-start Your Kayak - 3 Hours ($40)

The Quick-Start Your Kayak workshop is an introduction to paddling a kayak. Students are presented with basic information on dressing to paddle safely and potential hazards and simple rescues. A minimal paddle skill set is presented and practiced, allowing students to safely and comfortably maneuver on still water.

Level 2: Essentials of Sit-on-Top Kayaking - 6 hours ($60)

The Essentials of Sit-on-Top (SOT) Kayaking course is designed as a short program emphasizing safety, enjoyment and skill acquisition for entry level individuals in public, private or commercial setting. This course is designed specifically for SOT kayaks only.

Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring - 8 hours  ($80)

The Essentials of Kayak Touring course is designed to teach beginner paddlers to safely and enjoyably kayak on lakes, calm protected ocean environments, and other flat-water settings.