All services provided by Paddle Time Kayaks are subject to hours of operation, availability of equipment, weather, winds, water quality and tides.

Our suggested age to participate is 10 years old. Our insurance requires a minimum age of 6 years old.

Every participant must wear a U.S.C.G approved PFD (life jacket).

Every participant must acknowledge the Essential Eligibility Criteria and sign our participant release of liability / waiver. You must be 18 to sign it, therefore children and teens must be accompanied by an adult who will sign on their behalf.

Alcohol and drugs are not allowed before or while kayaking!! Kayaking plus alcohol and drugs are a recipe for accidents!

The ocean, inlets, and paddling in boat channels or high boat traffic areas is off limits. The hazards of these areas should be taken seriously. We request participants stay in certain areas that are known to be paddle friendly areas. We have aerial maps available to familiarize yourself with off limits areas.

Pack in & pack out - any garbage you create while on the water must be brought back to shore to be thrown out. Ask us about the next local river clean up! We do it by land and by kayak every year!

Equipment we provide that is negligently lost or severely damaged, will be subject to a damage or loss fee which will vary based on the severity of the damage or loss incurred. We inspect our equipment after each use to ensure we provide quality equipment to the next participant.

Weather & Water Quality Statement

Weather on the river can turn quick! Winds, rain and incoming storms can cause paddle conditions to be, or become hazardous. Before every shift we monitor radar and satellites closely. Typically we will cancel for weather if the conditions are not ideal. We also monitor for alerts, advisories and closures in our area due to water quality issues.

Cancellation Policy

We do our best to make prompt decisions based on current and future forecasts. If your Kayak Rental, Guided Paddle or Paddle Time Party reservation is cancelled by us, your deposit is refundable that day (only), or you may choose to reschedule at a mutually agreeable time.

Rentals or Guided Paddle

We require three (3) days notice to cancel your advanced reservation without penalty. Your per person deposit will apply to a future per person reservation. Rental and Guided Paddle deposits must be applied to a service before the end of our season or they are forfeited.

Paddle Time Party

We require (7) days notice to cancel your Paddle Time Party Reservation without a penalty. If cancellation occurs after this window of time we will hold your $100 deposit until you reschedule your event at a mutually agreeable time, before the end of our season. If cancellation is made less than three (3) days before your reservation, your credit card will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. Your deposit may be applied to any service we provide, and must be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time before the end of the season. Cancellation fees are non-refundable.

ACA Skills + Assessment Courses

Due to limited space, full prepayment for enrollment into our American Canoe Association courses is required.

If you are unable to attend the course you may attend a future scheduled course within one year of your original scheduled course date, or you may transfer your enrollment to a friend or family member.

We will reschedule ACA courses cancelled due to bad weather.