We are a mobile business and do not have a permanent location.

We favor a public spot along S. Riverside Drive in Shark River Hills that has a nice sandy beach to launch our kayaks. It is away from marinas and boat channels, so there is typically less boat traffic. It is near Musquash Cove (an estuary), which is a beautiful and quiet area, with plenty of wildlife to see as you paddle around. It is common for us to see bald eagles, osprey, great egrets, great blue herons, black skimmers, common tern, black-crowned night heron and the list goes on!

The nearest landmark to this spot is Shark River Municipal Marina (149 S. Riverside Dr, Neptune, NJ 07753). This is a public marina and has public bathrooms. We park our green minivan and trailer of brightly colored kayaks next to the river, sort of near John’s Cracker Barrel.

It’s hard to miss us - the kayaks are quite noticeable!

Since we are a mobile business, we have the freedom to roam and may be able to accommodate advanced requests to deliver our kayaks to public access spots or private waterfront properties. Our delivery fee is fair, and will vary based on delivery location. Our only requirement for delivery is that we are able to safely and legally park our minivan and large kayak trailer conveniently near the requested drop-off location.